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  • Jourama Fall, Queensland, Australia.

    Well today was one of those days where things just didn’t go as planned! I got up early this morning and drove to Jourama Falls, which is about an hour and a half from home.

    So I got there at about 5:30am and waited for it to be light enough to walk into the falls without a torch. That was okay I got to the top just as the sun started  to creep over the mountains and was hit by bone chilling gale force wind (if people ever tell you that in doesn’t get cold in the tropics, then I say they are not getting out of bed early enough lol).

    It took two and a half hours to get the top photo so that I would have light from top to bottom and I have to admit I am a little disappointed, mainly due to the lack of water on the fall’s but not with the location.

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